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As most musicians are insanely stingy with giving away secrets as though they were magicians, it is hard to find those who are actually willing to talk about music beyond their aspersions that they know "things" that you don't. Instead, Russell bares his entire musical outlook. I expected some dense music theory talk; maybe some perspectives on counterpoint or tonality. That's not what this is and I found something I didn't think I needed (but really do). His podcasts show him to be something of a musical psychologist, providing perspective and reflection. Sound unimportant? It's not. I'm binge listening to this stuff and I have to slow down so I have time to reflect, process, and apply them. The best zero dollars I ever spent.
Richard's podcasts focus on nuts and bolts issues relating to classical music composition. Unlike many in our community, he does not gossip, worship prominent writers, or indulge in ego driven rants. He seems to honestly want to help fellow musicians either with career building or actual writing issues. As an older composer getting back into classical composition, these podcasts have encouraged me and validated me artistically. Thank you Richard. I'm going to start setting aside an hour a day!


These are interesting, if not in too much detail. I wish episode 6 worked. What is the fifth element??!!!
here is a composer that actually imagines what it might be like for a performer to perform his piece, and keeps it in mind when he is writing, and on his pod cast. More composers should keep this in mind. I am a professional musician, happy to play new pieces! however, not something that is only playable on my mac. lots of good stuff on here with a sense of humor to boot. enjoy!