Reviews For Real English Conversations Podcast - Listen to English Conversation Lessons

I just started listening to you guys and you are doing a great job! Keep this good job!
I Love the new lesson style!! Thank you for making those lessons. It helps me a lot.
Excellent podcast! Thank so much to take time to do this and teach how to be more fluently in English. I come from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷and I experienced how powerful the hurricanes could be so it was really interesting the conversation about Mother Earth. I don’t have sometimes chances to practice my English . So I need to reinforce what i know. Thank you so much guys!!!
I really like listening to your podcast! This is kinda like a thank you review 'cause you guys are very good at what you guys are doing! I started listening to you guys because I wanted to improve my English communication skill. But as I listen everyday (I've been listening for a couple of days now 😊) I've become more interested in your stories more than in my actual purpose before I came here. Thumbs to you guys! Hope you make more fun and interesting topics which can continue making my day. Thanks!