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I have only listened to one and downloaded most of the others, and this is great when you are about to go to Philippines for the first or second time. It gives real life experiences and teaches you some Tagalog at the same time!! I hope they make more!
I have been following this podcast for as long as I can remember and continue to listen to them even years later. There is a description of each lesson along with vocabulary for folks to follow in the description of the podcast. Each of the themed lessons are pertinent to every day things, customs, holidays and such in the Philippines. Viloria also adjusts his speed of speech to assist with pronunciation. Thank you for providing an extremely useful and timeless podcast! ‚ô°Fil-Am from NYC!
This podcast is great! I love to listen because Don teaches Tagalog and he also teaches some facts from the Philippines, which is where I'd love to go when I become fluent in Tagalog. I'll continue listening to this podcast!
This is a great podcast! I've already been experimenting with my Filipino friends and they are usually shocked when I say some of these phrases to them. Of course, they start speaking back in Tagalog and I totally lose our conversation then. ;-) Its a fun, short podcast that gives me something to practice with. I, too, like that he includes Filipino culture. Did I mention this is a great educational podcast?
This podcast is fabulous! The content is both interesting and helpful and his website is helpful in getting you to really learn words and phrases. I also really like that culture is included because you learn Philppine culture with the words and the appropriate context to use them in. Great job, Manuel!
Thanks so much Manuel Viloria for your Tagalog-English tutorials. There are some Tagalog words that I've forgotten and you've been there to help me out ^_^ Unlike other tutorials, this is NOT boring. Highly recommended!


By batjay
great educational content done in a way that does not patronize the listener. good job don manuel