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I knew Chris Buice for a few years before I knew he had this podcast. Once I found out I subscribed instantly. I've gotten more out of this than any other church experience. Great sermons, great guy! Can't wait to see a sermon live! Keep it up Chris. Great job!
I travel in my work. I only found the moving, inspiring, hilarious Rev. Chris (in person at the church in Knoxville, Tn) in August of 2007. Finding that I could hear ALL his sermons before 2007,,, ones I'd missed in the 5 yrs. was fabulous, the thought that I could catch up on my Inspirational Studies thru these Podcasts, marvelous finding. I tell my patients all the time, How Humor and Heart-warming Truths and Antecdotes can Heal almost anything... Rev Chris Buice has proven me correct. Thanks Rev. Chris I'm attempting to download some of the 1st podcasts and having a bit of trouble, (where the more recent ones are easy to download, but I'll figure it out) AND I'll be there in person, whenever I'm in Knoxville. Speakers like Rev. Buice are not that easy to come by. THANKS Again
I feel very fortunate to have come across Rev. Buice sermons. At a time in my life when I found myself questioning many of the things I had been raised to believe, it was a relief and a great joy to find someone discussing many of the issues that had been troubling me for years. I have listened to each of these messages multiple times. I find them comforting and inspiring.