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I love pursueGOD. These messages and Podcasts are life-giving and stir my faith. Highly recommend you listen to them all!
Pastors Poncho and Lora are awesome!! I have been so blessed, encouraged, and mentored by watching their lives! If you live in Austin I highly recommend you check out their church! I miss them in Portland, but am so thankful to still get to connect to their ministry and hear how they're doing from afar! Thanks podcasts! ;)


By GloriaU
I don't know what my life would be without the glory of God being revealed over Pastor Poncho's life! #generationunleashed
Rich Wilkerson Jr is, was, and will continue to be amazing! Do yourself a massive favor and download. He's real, and delivers the hard to hear, but necessary TRUTH!


This is really powerful, god is using this to save a lit of people. Awesome words from this
This was my first year to GU, it was unbelievable and had an Amazing time with God. God is so good. I got healed for my back and also Got touched by the Holy Spirit. I went there broken hearted and I still kinda an but I'm getting over it everyday and every-night. This conference was amazing. I will be attending this next year. Can't Wait.


I'm at the conference it's so amazing it's so nice to see how much people are hungry for God! How much people love to worship him and love listening to his word! Amen keep it going GU
I just got home from the generation unleashed conference 2011 and it absolutely changed my life forever! I have a whole new understanding and peace and joy that god has revealed to me through generation unleashed! Thank you guys ssoo much, you are all a huge blessing!
I can't down load any of these pod casts why not..
Generation church is such a blessing. This last GU changed my life and the lives of my friends! God is doing great things in Oregon- Praise the Lord!
great sermons by GU conferences.
Hey you guys should put Donna's message on here! It was so good, and inspirational...!
great messages, very life applicable and annointed. And for those whoe dont know this isnt Judah Smith's church podcast, It's Doug Lasit's. And for the record, Judah is a great preacher, but so is Doug or annyone else with a heart to bring the word of God to His people, enough of the praising Judah Smith because of who he is. Don't get me wrong, i love him and his messages, i just think it's questionable to lift a person up as high as most people do with him. But great church, P.B.C. is an awesome college too. thanks for the podcast
Wow!! these podcasts r like the best ever!! pastor chris hill is like the best!!
I'm going to be serious with you, Judah Smith, truly one of the most amazing preachers I've been privelaged enough to hear speak. I went to the youth conference generation unleashed, I wish our worship at my church was like that. Judah rocks.

By atop
This is GC in Portland; Judah Smith is the Pastor at the other Generation Church podacast, which is from Kirkland, WA
I was at both Generation Unleashed 2006 Conferences, and the speakers were amazing! They really tapped into the heart of God. Their sermons changed my life. One question though. Where's Judah Smith?