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I may not be Stan Lee but I am a big fan of this podcast I've been lifting for about a year now I've listened to every episode two or three times Jeff Suter is both funny and informative.... Well he is very informative anyway. If your a comic fan or just love the awesome Marvel movies them the Mighty Marvel Podcast is for you. Rock on Suter.


Must dl podcast
Doesn't start the video on iTunes from my iPod when I'm on the app the iTunes works and other podcasts will start but not this series and I can't put a half or no star
Say there, Mighty Men and Women of Marvel, any particular reason why the address keeps coming up as wrong and it never downloads? I'd sure like to aggregate it through my iTunes account. Any chance this will be fixed?
When are the new podcast is coming?
The frequency and broken continuity of the mighty marvel podcast available on iTunes keeps this subscription from boltin higher. I enjoy the MMP, but find that it needs to be made reguarly available on iTunes, especially the week in review with Alexa Mendez. Please give us more MMP!
Just saw the official Iron man 2 trailer and I nerdgasmed all over my touch!!!!!
for the loss of Alexis so since I once would have voted a 5 not I give this post cast a 1 star What happend to Alexis please comment in the next marvel blast! There has been a 3 week gap and then Ben shows up.
I loved getting the Weekly Watcher and keeping up to date but for some reason it will not download and hasn't since about June. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.
The hosts of the majority of these podcasts try to be funny, but just aren't. I would enjoy the interviews with the creators of the books much more if the interviewers stopped the goofing around. And the Weekly Watcher video podcast is simply annoying. I would enjoy hearing podcasts of the various Marvel panels from conventions the way DC did with the recent Comic Con panels.
I'm not one to usually leave negative reviews, but I must. Alexa Mendez makes the show completely unbearable. I need the information as a fan, but she seems like she's trying so hard to be fun and cool, but just comes off as brainless. I want to like her, but then she opens her mouth and makes a lousy joke.
make the marvel podcast like the force-cast or indy-cast and do a marvel podcast that talks about marvel movies, toys, video games, and comics
When is this podcast updated? Once a month! You would sware this is one of the top two comic publishers in the world. Put something interesting out!
Could you please get a dramatized podcast? I'd personally like a Spider-Man, but I'd take an FF. I'd love it if you could turn out a show like one of those old time radio shows, only on a Marvel based character.
If this podcast were more than bi-monthly and covered more than one topic. There are big things happening in Marvel and I think it's enough to at least warrant a weekly to bi-weekly podcast. I'm a huge Marvel fan but the podcast is sort of a let down.
Why is it that I download this podcast and get the Annihilation roundtable discussion? Can we please fix this?
I enjoy everything about this, but the techno music in the background of every podcast is so tacky that it hurts the whole thing. Its like eating salmon sushi and having onion taste in your fish.
i think it is great that i can now take the pod cast with me since i just got an i-pod. however since i have been getting all my pod cast from the actual marvel web page i see that these are behind and the latest ones from the comic cons. are not even here. there are two inparticular that were really informative but no were on your site
This podcast is showing exactly why Marvel Comocs rocks. Hopefully you guys keep this up and can do it more frequently. Also the X offices rock. Hopefully u guys also do one on how to become a writern and an artist in the industry. Keep up the good work Joe and everyone else at marvel.
Fantastic insights. Overall great podcast.Would like to hear more interviews with artists.More questions to writers and artists about process. More Petey Pickles !! He's a tough, no-nonesense, get the answers kinda guy. I think Petey Pickles should be your Man on the street interviewer at cons and such.Especially if you want to draw a female audience.
As a Marvel Fan, I like the idea of inviting the audience into the secret world of Marvel, like Stan Lee did with the Bullpen. My only gripes are that the podcast is monthly (like the comics) and they only focus on one subject. If you're not interested in Iron Man or the Silver Surfer, then you have to wait another month for the next one. To Marvel's credit, they are getting better at making podcasts. I just wish it was more frequent. But for any Marvel fan, this is a great insight into the world of the creators.
wow, what a great that Warren Ellis singing? So when is the Nextwave movie comin out? I would love to try out for the part of Fin Fang Foom.
Joe Q., you do a wonderful Q & A session at newsarama every friday...why not make it a podcast!? Fans would check in every week and get all jazzed up at Marvel's upcoming projects. Also, why not make your trailers (like civil war) available through Itunes as well. thanks and make mine Marvel!
I have enjoyed all of the Marvel podcasts to date, but my favorite so far (out of the four) is the Daredevil Dissected, which, although it focuses on Joe Q, BMB and Brubaker, you hear Jeph Loeb, Mark Millar, and I think a few more in the background. We need more like this. I love hearing creator interaction. These guys don't hardly get together unless there is a retreat or con. Keep 'em coming!
Nice work Marvel on greatly improving your podcasts. Hearing the creators batting ideas around and discussing their ideas is entertaining and fascinating. Now, how about $0.25 comics on iTunes? This might also be a good forum for future "Ultimate Avengers" style animated projects. Just sayin's all...
...the migraine-inducing generic electronica played on an endless loop beneath the interview. I also could have done without the ten minutes of plugs, but that would have been worth it for the LIndelof interview, which was cool. That music, though, so distracting! Joe, if you're reading this, please get rid of it and I'll upgrade to five stars!