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I listen(ed) to Steve for his elevated understanding of theology as well as history. He’s been well ahead of the curve in regard to matters in the church and world and those who have conspired to undermine both. That’s what makes his recent turn to following the lead of the globalists in media, the state and the Church so disheartening. This has to be the first 1P5 episode whose shownotes link to NBC and the Washington Post. Really Steve? They’re now trustworthy because there’s a “crisis”? What the secular globalists failed to achieve with their threat of “Global Warming” as an existential crisis that requires a tyrannical global solution, they have SUCCEEDED OVERNIGHT with this dubious emergency. Do you not see the agenda? The reality is that the financial collapse that we’re being told is the result of imposition of draconian unconstitutional measures by the state actually occured first and was caused predictably by the central banking fiat monetary system that masks the devaluation of our currency by issuing still more debt until inevitably there is a crash. This has happened periodically since our chrremcy was divorced from being backed by real money i.e. gold and silver. This current crash was predicted to be significantly worse than the previous crash of 2008-09 by those who warned of the dangers of this system and the consequences it will have on future generations. So instead of admitting this immoral system is destined to destroy our economy for good at some point, we blame it on a virus as a form of virtue signaling and support “stimulus” which pushes us that much closer to the brink. You know things are upside down when Steve insinuates that Catholics who are hesitant to surrender all their rights aren’t really pro-life and don't care about the sick or elderly. How condescending. I’m used to this from dishonest leftists, not traditional Catholics. My decision has been to offer it up as part of the chastisement but I won't waste any more valuable time on podcasts like this.
Thanks for your work in keeping the Catholic faithful aware and informed. Saw the one-star review labelling 1P5 as sinful and prideful. Made me chuckle. Perhaps that person prefers to be uninformed. All the best, keep up the good work and press-on. God bless and keep you.
No hysterics- just an accurate view/commentary of current errors in the Church.
How refreshing! Telling it like it is!!
This organization is a window to pride, continually calling attention to itself and demonstrating a phenomenal amount of hubris. This podcast is as edifying as watching a rated R horror, violent film except the latter has an ending. Not so for this group
Thank you! You are speaking to me. God bless you and your family. Keep it up.


Excellent podcast, high quality, thoughtful Catholic content.
One Peter Five does a superb job of covering topics on Catholic culture and events happening in the Church. Mr. Skojek’s interviews are engaging and always informative (with a little bit of lighthearted humor thrown in for good measure!). If you want truth and honest answers about things that are happening today, One Peter Five is the place to find it. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts.


Always brilliant and engaging conversations for those interested in the current crisis in the Catholic Church.
Exactly what I need that clears up the confusions in the Church. Please keep doing this, I am praying for you all. You help me keep my one true faith!
Very informative, generally fair-minded, and fearless.
This is one of my favorite podcasts. When you're feeling like the only one scratching your head thinking "is this a dream? You need this insight and commentary.