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You tied to ask but no one answered you, Mr. Maher. I’m a registered Democrat who has started to HATE the party during the last couple years. It’s all too clear they care nothing for working class families, don’t care if the middle class completely disappears, and will do anything corporate lobbyists and the ultra wealthy want. They have also become the party of scaredy-cat, elitist killjoys who want to boss everyone around and spoiled brats from the Ivy League who look down on and literally sneer at middle class America who is out delivering their packages while they type in their pajamas. The icing on the cake is that they think we are so dumb we won’t remember how we didn’t like Kamala Harris one bit during her presidential primary run just because they inexplicably made her VP.
So I suppose because Bill Maher says bye bye to covid our nation is supposed to be reckless and not be safe during the pandemic. You’re an idiot Billy. Come to my town, where covid is still rampant, and catch covid and let’s see how smart you are then. What a dope and dangerous public health denier. He used to be funny now he’s an old man complaining…oy vey!
Please have more conservatives on to give other perspective.


By Ritc32
Always delivering delight , eat it up ! Big guy
Bill Maher became grumpy, unreasonable, old man, I’m done with this podcast.
I’ve always loved his views and how he explains them but after him arrogantly dismissing election issues ( Biden won not arguing that but rather all the discrepancies here in Pennsylvania!) and also lumping those against vaccine for covid as conservative? Stop catering to the elite left. Some won’t get it for valid health reasons and not too mention the deaths are ignored. Three 19 yro girls just got blood clots from he vaccine and one died. Nice to know you.


his soul
Love Bill Maher. Love the show.
Maybe he should read the news and look at the pictures with his glasses on. Time to retire.
Maher posts here sporatically. I enjoy thos show even though Maher is somewhat tone deaf and regularly confuses progressives with woke-centrists---very annoying. Maher's iokes are good, his guests often interesting, his closing rants are getting to be a one trick pony---attacking PC nuttery is worthy cause but is getting old.
Sadly sunk to the bottom a la Dennis Miller. Let’s Go Brandon!
I love this show and have been watching Bill Maher since I was a kid and he had Politically Incorrect. I don’t always agree with him but his guests are interesting and I am still able to learn new things and get different viewpoints. The only thing, I HATE the laugh track the show is using now during the stay at home orders. I think the show should give this up. It makes it sound cheesy and unprofessional. Plus it harks back to the 1990s when you had to force people to laugh. If it’s funny we will laugh at home and don’t need help from fakes.
Listening to Bill call out the woke craze that’s gripping our country gives me hope that others will also speak out! Bill keeps it real with his common sense approach to the issues this country is facing. I’ve been following Maher for years & can always count on his brutally honest approach to the issues and bowing to the cancel culture who has no clue. Thank you HBO for renewing Politically Incorrect!
Not the same. Bill is the get off my lawn guy now. Just not funny. Used to be. He’s out of touch.
Funny and insightful, and generally lives up to its billing of allowing conservative voices to speak “in the lion’s den”. That said, post-Trump Maher is a little irrational, and a little less willing to listen to those conservative voices, so IMO the quality of the show declined in 2017. But still, I look forward to it every week, and I’m not sure there’s a person alive with whom I agree on more issues, especially the ones he takes the left to task on. In particular, much more than most left-leaning pundits, he’s willing to prioritize issues (yes, it’s true, climate change and the threat of nuclear armageddon are in fact more important than transgender bathroom access or whether Ann Coulter is offending someone today). I personally like the “Overtime” portion of the show even better than the show itself, and I’m glad they found a way to work that into the podcast.
bye...been nice knowing you when you werte funny and correct.
I’m done with this show. Keep “both-sides-ing” science, medicine & vaccinations and this is what you get. Bill has become the poster child for the Dunning-Kruger Affect. Insisting he knows more about everything than everyone else. Nobody loves the sound of their own voice more than Bill Maher. It’s probably why he’s constantly talking over his own guests.
Maher has become just another establishment, right-wing giver of misinformation. Can’t respect or listen to this garbage anymore.
This is the only podcast where the volume is too low.
Not sure what is going on with Bill this season. He mentioned that black folk integrated his neighborhood was progress. But he neglected to explain how white folk fled those same neighborhoods as they were integrated (white flight). Schools are more segregated today than pre-Brown v. Board. Also people of color are constantly expected to carry the burden of integrating white spaces. We never expect white folk to integrate black and brown spaces.
And thank god. Liberism is a disease.
Bill is really starting to lose the thread of important topics by constantly trying to inject his pet opinions about subjects into the conversation. We get it, he’s “been saying it all along”...he’s starting to sound out-of-touch and really taking the spotlight off of the great topics and guests who appear on the show, and making it more about him.


By JohbF.
I used to be a big fan of Bill but not anymore! He has changed and I am leaving! I have stopped taping his HBO show and I am unsubscribing this podcast!
Always admired Bill Maher!
Don’t have bully’s on. He’s a jerk and a hypocrite.
I don’t have HBO, but I am so thankful to have a platform that isn’t composed of sound bites and doesn’t hold back. I’ve listened to Maher since my youth of high school watching late night episodes of Politically Incorrect, learning about the world beyond what the classroom at the time taught us, and thank you to HBO for allowing him to continue this platform. He’s one of the true go to voices of opinion than come from the heart with honestly and truth.
People change and that’s ok, BUT lately Bill is starting to sound like the people he has disagreed with for many years which is strange to me. His guest are starting to become more conservative and all he does is complain now. Next the show will be called FOX news with Bill Maher
There are even two Separate real time podcasts subscriptions in the iTunes podcast store
Gee Bill , I didn’t know you worked in healthcare. You would not last a day taking care of patients. I hope you never get an autoimmune disease which makes it very difficult to lose weight. I do not eat dairy, red meat, trans fats , ect and still struggle. I have seen plenty of healthy normal BMI patients catch Covid and sometimes they die too. And with all the pot smoke you have inhaled over the years, your lungs may not be in the best shape. Stay well.
Good to see somebody tackle the difficult subjects with common sense and humor. Really enjoy and appreciate the respectful interviews with opposing political viewpoints, our country needs a lot more of this right now.


Thanks for sharing the entire show via podcast!
Simultaneously vilifying ageism and belittling millennials is just one obvious example of Mr. Mahrs mindset. Wah wah.
He has left the liberal, progressive political agenda and favors the right wing conspiracy theories, Zionist, and Anti-Islam agendas.
I tune in to see his common sense take on so many topics. I don’t agree with him all of the time but I always learn something. Yes, so the guests talk over each other - that’s his show. People get to debate and get their point across. It’s not choreographed the way many shows are.
When people push back at you, you act like a Drunk Uncle these days...ugh. Why are California progressives so extreme? That isn’t the question to ask. Why haven’t California Republicans evolved so that there can be a true two party system in California? That’s the question that you should be asking. Whenever you have one party rule, the party in charge gets more extreme. Duh! THIS Xs almost EVERY subject Israel, Democratic strategy, “wokeness.) Either start educating yourself better, Bill, or stop acting as if you know everything. You’re still incredibly funny but really you don’t know everything.
If you’re looking for poor ratings, invite trash-mouth Rachel Bitecofer to join the panel. The woman offered nothing except to talk over other guests with stupid nonsense. Had to turn it off mid-program. I felt sorry for Bill.
Used to love Bill Maher. So disappointed with his views anymore. He thinks we should not blame the Trump Voters and work with them. Sorry Bill. You are clueless. You can’t win those Neanderthals back. The are stupid. Plain and simple. This country will never unite. Also. Bill’s view on generation z and millennials. Newsflash Bill. This country is changing. Better get used to it.
Never ever have her on the show again — so annoying! I had to turn it off and I otherwise LOVE this show. Her voice alone and clear insecurity with the need to be heard ALL THE TIME! That laugh. Good lord!!!!
Bill Maher’s political insights and humor has grown as stale as his capacity for petty selfishness. It is clearly evident that he couldn’t (psychologically) cope at all with the restrictions imposed upon him when the COVID pandemic swept through the United States and he is using his platform to lash out at his favorite scapegoats (the unwell and overweight) while spreading misinformation about the efficacy of the protocols most of the nation endured throughout the past year. For all his talk about “tough-love”, he has proven that he doesn’t have a stoic bone in his body. His show is no longer a platform for productive debate nor a reliable source of information, for it has become a stage for his vulgar displays of egotism, grievance and perceived victimhood. He’s as petulant a child as many of the Republican fascists he attempts to heap scorn on through his inept commentary and is not worth the time listening to for any progressive worth their salt. As of now, he should be considered a menace to public health, for new COVID variants are looming on the horizon and will inevitably descend upon us all if herd immunity cannot be achieved in time or if our collective disregard for basic safety measures continue. It is time to shun him and focus on elevating those who are truly in a position to advance positive change within our society.
While the US falls behind the rest of the world in education and employee skills, Bill irresponsibly trashes getting a college degree. (Bill has a double major from Cornell.). I don’t think I can listen to this anymore. He was also irresponsible in his COVID messaging, downplaying the need to social distance while 3000 people were dying a day from Covid. Maybe he’s just getting too old and out of touch to do this anymore.
I used to listen to Bill frequently. But he has recently been slipping in a false narrative, eg, on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and high education. Most disappointing. Please cease my subscription to his podcast immediately.
Israel committed war crimes against Palestine. Maher’s defense of Israel makes clear he’s a racist and not progressive or liberal. Unsubscribing and will never listen to him again.
As a center right small c conservative, I enjoy Mr. Maher’s capital L Liberal perspective & his irreverent sense of humor.
Bill’s consistently wrong in the end but his slow evolution from, as one example, while supporting Bernie in his presidential run against Hillary acknowledging all his (Bill himself) and others support got them Obama who has been nothing more than “W on steroids.” The Deporter in Chief, expander of FISA and Patriot Act, creator of slave markets in Tripoli, etc, etc, etc that Bill went on to list factually about the Obama admin but in the end a few short weeks later supported Hillary. Talk about ‘a dog returning to his vomit”! But I’ll give Bill credit. He is consistent. He does it week after week. Great listen each week!
I don’t agree with everything but more often than not he’s on point. And the baldy awards are sheer brilliance. Keep doing what you’re doing Bill and let’s defeat the AmeriKKKan Taliban!!
Used to be funny but now just relies on woketard staff to write ‘jokes?’ that are weeks late for the actual news cycle- hang it up bill liberalism is dead in America today because of lazy comics today- in a once free society comedy is often the truths last stand, you won’t find it here anymore. Not the “politically incorrect bill” that once made us laugh - that was the last millennia
I won’t bother after reading reviews
As well as the no nonsense critique, the comedy, the outrage. I’m a fan forever.
Bill Is my guy . He is hilariously funny and serious at the same time been watching him since politically incorrect.