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This is one of those podcasts I can't wait to listen to and I'm sad when the season ends.
This guy is a total MAGGOT.
It’s a news show. I’d like to hear the current week please
Great guests from right to left and people talking and being aloud to talk
#FakeNewsReports! Refuting Erroneous Speculation Concerning A Trip He Made To Walter Reed Medical Center Back In November Of 2019, President Trump Denies Having Had A “Series Of Mini-Strokes”! “No, my face has always looked like this,” he says.
You’ll love this show
What else is there to say? This dude has been so far ahead of the curve on many things.
Just not funny
I’ve enjoyed this show for a long time, but the Vulgar Biden jokes from the recent show that play into the BS QAnon conspiracies made me unsubscribe. So Goodbye Bill
I was so disappointed when I saw HBO app is no longer on Apple TV, but I discovered the show on here and THIS is So much better than actually need to sit down to watch show!
There is no moral authority and nobody proves it better than Bill in his 8-14 podcast. A covert operations pro, framing himself as left-wing following a right wing agenda. from the sounds of this last episode he either sold out or is scared for his life. Never has anything bad to say about DT. Immediately bad mouthing KH. What a coward.
Looks like the format change, loss of access to regular researchers and scriptwriters, and Bill Maher’s personal psychological forays into wonderfully sunny and crumbling lands during house arrest have put a big dent into what the show used to be. Competitors have grabbed my attention and I’m simply going to stop listening to or watching Maher till he’s back in the studio and doing in-person format again.
I’m glad Bill takes care of himself, America needs him especially now.... I feel like a lot of people on the left have lost their minds. I wait for a dose of sanity each week from Bill
I eagerly awaiting the shows. Bill was born for this. So talented, funny, truthful.
I loved this podcast. Intelligent, articulate and very important conversation on the state of discourse in our country. I’d like to hear more on this topic.
I don’t agree with many things Bill says but I like to keep an open mind. I love that he holds the left accountable and I think this country would be a better place if both sides did it and not everything was right that your party does and everything is wrong that the other party does.
From Politically Correct until recently I have loved Billy’s shows. He seems to be heading down the MAGA path and lives dissing on the Left. Still watching to see if that changes befor o delete his podcast.
I’ve been a fan of Bill Maher for over a decade. So refreshing to listen to his wonderful view of this challenging world.


Greetings from Northern Greece. I’ve been sharing this podcast with some refugees, and they just love it! Keep it up!!
Shame on you, Bill. Your stance on the virus is ridiculous. Encouraging the young to go out and get the economy going was irresponsible. You are wrong. Dangerous. And, not that funny.
Still a great show after all these yrs. I think of it as a humorous & informative Way to get my news updates.
Thought provoking with diverse guests like George Will. Some ideas I don’t agree with but all thought provoking
Bill is usually very funny, but this episode where he’s advising people to just go back to normal life and forget about the pandemic, is unbelievable. To make it worse in the same episode, He had on two guestsWho are completely tone deaf when it comes to black lives matter and reforming the police. I’ve always known that Bill is pro police, but I think he needs to open his eyes a little bit and see what the police are actually about.


One of you best shows!
Love the inspiration for exercise and healthier eating. Watch the hateful 8. You are informative and provocative.


A link to sanity in the insane COVID-19 pandemic! Thanks Bill - keep it up!
Bill has become in attitude, temperament and politics, a suburban housewife. A utter Karen with an angry lil pud he drags through unlovable LA she-bats. I used to dig this miserable yid but his TDS has spread like cancer to his frontal lobe. Unfortunately this Mc Hafling’s desiccated cerebellum gets dopamine hits from the canned claphter he gets from coastal snowflakes. I dream he will come around some day. Until then....F-em.
I respect Maher. He actually engages in honest dialogue with people of opposing viewpoints. Mad props for that. I would gladly shake the man’s hand. He makes perfectly valid points and has proven his steel by saying things his base opposes, and he doesn’t kowtow. However, he does unfairly smear people and point he opposes, and his guests are typically the vilest leftist trash who regularly dehumanize their political opponents. If Maher had a podcast where he debated political opponents, I’d be fist in line, because he argues in good faith, but this is just too much trash to swallow.
Bill may be losing his mind under quarantine. His jokes are less funny, he’s angrier than ever and his takes lack logic and facts. He’s on a Monday morning quarterback rant about the lockdown that makes no sense and he looks fire every guest to validate his insanity. I may come back after he gets out but for now I’m done....
I rarely write reviews and doubt that Bill will read this, but on episode 532 you had a person that proposed that destroying property during protests is OK, and you did not correct that person. Your guest insinuated that it’s OK because insurance companies pay for it - Where do you think the insurance company money comes from? It’s from everyone’s insurance premiums, of course - So we all end up paying for the destruction.
Well, we have seen the plan for when it’s time to leave, he will delay the the process....and he will use our military against us. Stay healthy.
It’s like a magic vaccine! I hit the unsubscribe button and all the Maher sanctimony and pontificate goes away!
How could you help low income people afford to buy these food to be healthy the way you kept complaining about? I’ve been picky about the food I eat since I was 16. I’m 50 now and still in good health and stay fit, but I’m worry about the availability and affordability of these healthy food for low income families. Why don’t you do something to help them instead!
Bill, I would like to see you invite two guests at the time who can discuss both sides of the issue. Some of your guests are not well informed and just talk bull.
You are sounding (whining) more like tRump every week. Bitter old man judging & whining, I guess $ can not buy your happiness.
Bill has a real gift for pointing out the stupidity in our politicians; while making you laugh in the process!
I used to be a fan, however now Bill just comes across as a whinny maudlin caricature of his former self. It’s like the last days of John Carson, sad! Maybe you need a long term sabbatical, take a cue from John Stewart!
That dude is a straight up bully and hypocrite, you’re better than this Bill, cmon.
Stay Fabulous, Bill Maher!
Amash is a Republican with Republicans dogma. A non starter for compassionate thinkers. Bill, loved your take on the Reade/Biden topic. Exactly correct. Thanks for that obvious observation.
“Real time with Bill Maher” is funny, informative, real, truthful. Bill Maher himself is a legend, extremely intelligent, “ new rules” is the best part of the show, what he points out on the show is eye opening, awakening, and correct!! Highly praised and recommended.
5 stars
Bill Maher is a complete corporate shill🦦 better sources for new Jimmy Dore , Lee camp, John kiriakou, the humanist, secular talk, rational national, jamarl Thomas, Gordon dimmack, Professor Richard Wolff, chris hedges, Katie halper, Glenn greenwald, abbey Martin, max Blumenthal
In my opinion Bill Maher is doing the very best work in political commentary these days. I like the way he is able to discuss current events with a wide variety of people all why pointing out the humor of it all.
Can’t even stand to listen to half of what he says. Very closed minded
right and you will live longer. Thank you Bill.
Leno was hilarious!