Reviews For 89.3 The Current: Musicheads - Minnesota Public Radio

Even though I preferred the old format better I still miss the show and hope they will reboot it. Thanks
I never miss an episode and I guess they pulled the plug in November 2011. Loved the old format where they would dissect three albums per episode but then they changed the format to more of a magazine type. Under the new format the program seemed rushed and they tried to cram too much information in to the time allotted. The result was that they covered a lot of subjects poorly and you just couldn't get the feel of any of the subject matter. The snippets of songs that were played were so short that you couldn't even get the feel of the music. I hope it comes back under the old format.
Havn't had an update since early november. This poscast is a great music news break to listen to at work. It cxovers a wide array of music with opinions from multiple people, not just one guy. I like the essentials section best, its not too long to bore the average listener and it reminds me of the great music outlet I had in music school. Please keep these poscasts coming. They are missed!
I still enjoy this podcast quite a bit but I would like to say that I liked the old format better. I am generally not interested in hearing the latest music news, etc., but would rather listen to the talented staff at The Current discuss three new releases. I echo one of the previous reviewers; I may not have always agreed but the old format introduced me to some music that I would have never found otherwise. I, however, do enjoy the segment within the new format where an artist is asked what their are currently listening to...always interesting to hear what they are enjoying!
I love this show. Great combination of people who are really into music and always pretty well prepared for the discussion. Bravo!
The new format of Musicheads loses so much of what made it a great show. It's just so generic now and kind of crappy. This is not working for me. Not anymore, at least.
The new format jumps from one topic to another, without any depth. I was much more fond of the old format, where new records were discussed in greater detail. Maybe it was too much work for the reviewers on a weekly basis. But it is far more interesting to hear someone explain what and why they like about a record or a band and defend it among a group. Now it is content you can get dozens of places. Unfortunate.
I loved the old format of a group of people sitting around discussing several new releases. I may have frequently disagreed with the reviews, but I also was introduced to a number of albums I never would have discovered on my own. the new format loses the relaxed nature and adds in a lot of features that I could do without or would be better served in a written format on the website.
I like the original format because I like to hear knowledgeable commentary on current music from people with whom I do not necessarily agree. I've discovered some music that is really meaningful to me through casual asides and allusions made by the hosts of the show. The new format adopted recently is too much like so many other podcasts I've encountered. The original format is like sitting around talking music with people you like and respect. I can see many motivations for change, and perhaps it will grow on me over time, or I'll just move on. Thanks anyhow for the music you've given to me up till now. It's been a pleasure.
If you're looking for new music/bands, listen to this show. They have great taste and will describe the music in a way that helps you determine if you might like it even if they don't. I've heard albums that they didn't like but I ended up liking. Give it a listen!
No need to ask me, I already answered.
I don't normally listen to or like the type of music played on the show, but this has become one of my favorite podcasts. Anyone who wants a lesson in forming intelligent opinions should listen to Bill and the crew.
I remember working overnights at a Target store in NE Minneapolis and this fella was on Cities 97. His "Cities Underground" show was fantastic because he had all of these insights into the songs and the artists that told me he was more of a jock hitting buttons on a touchscreen, bantering and running the ads. After moving way out of the signal coverage area (Idaho), I wondered what happened to him. Now I know and this is really where he belongs doing still what he's really good at and even more so. Cheers!
Listen to one of our greatest local treasures online as well.....You'll hear alot of local bands being played on the Current as well. Mary Lucia is a Goddess!
For almost 2 years now, 89.3 has been one of my primary avenues in the search for challenging new music. I've found this podcast to be a nice distillation of what the DJ's like in a given week and I've discovered many great artists this way. I only wish it was longer and the ocassional overview episode of a particular artist was a bit more specific with regard to album/track highlights.
Enjoyable format - several knowledgeable folks talking about music, not always agreeing, but always entertaining. Like eavesdropping on friends who actually know what they're talking about.
Not Sound Opinions, but it's still pretty good. What are the chances we can hear an expanded version (say one hour on Sunday nights) of Musicheads on 89.3 sooner rather than later?