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I L-O-V-E this podcast. Graham Hunter does an amazing job of coaxing out some fantastic stories and recollections from his guests. These pods have helped ease the pain of my work commute on many a night. Well done, wee mon!!!
The best part of the show is the fantastic stories he teases out of his guests. You feel like you’re at the table with them while they’re recording. I listen to this one and The Football Autobiography Show every week.
I have heard so many sports podcast over the years, yet without a doubt this is 'the' best out there. This is the bench mark to be measured by....Graham Hunter has found a way to make you feel you are listening in to two mates chat while enjoying a coffee or a pint. Insightfull, intelligent, articulate conversations from some of the best people in football past and present. If your not listening to this, you are mssing out on sheer quality. I have found so much out about some of the biggest names in football...Just brilliant work Graham!!
I look forward to each new podcast. Excellent insights from interesting interviewees.
I love Graham Hunters passion for life, and the way he pulls out some amazing stories from his top-notch guests. I wish there was one of these every day.
Interesting mix of personalities. Conversational style is refreshing and revealing.
A free podcast by a top notch journalist who interviews some big and considered voices in the game, and keeps you interested regardless of country/club allegiances. The open conversation format is great change of pace from many podcasts who try to answer pre-formulated questions, or cover the weekly results. *Keep an eye out for Graham's books if you enjoy the pod. *
I rarely take the time to review apps, podcasts and all that. If you love football/soccer PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GIVE THIS PODCAST A LISTEN! #ThatIsAllAsYouWere


By Maqinho
Great interviews

By Feest
Top top marks Graham, I've never been so drawn to my speakers before. Asks the perfect questions and interviews the perfect personalities. Can't wait till we get Mourinho involved!
Great guests with phenomenal stories and insight into the game
So good. Appreciate his sincerity, honesty and insight. Thanks Graham!
Great insight to a great coach
With one of the most engaging minds on the subject of Spanish football as host, this exploration of the game through players, pundits, and managers doesn’t dumb down the sport and frequently enlightens. Though it occasionally can be difficult to decipher for the non-Scot listener, there are jewels inside for those who can listen and absorb the conversations that don’t just stick to the same old lines of discussion.
Definitely one of my favorite podcasts. The content is phenomenal! Keep up the great work
I've never taken the time before to review a podcast, but this one is a exception. Because the interviews are exceptional. You won't regret listening to this fantastic podcast. Graham Hunter is fantastic.
Really enjoying the podcast, Graham! Can't wait for the next one
Brilliant podcast, great interviewer with fantastic knowledge and respect for his guests. Mr Hunter rewatching Classic football matches with a guest should be a TV show.
What an absolute gem! A top-notch host interviewing top-notch guests. No fluff here, these are all great conversations about the game we love.
A real joy to listen to. Absolute top notch guests (Gordon Strachan was a special treat) and plenty of mic time for guests to share about a lot of things football fans always want to know. Long may it continue!
Extremely knowledgeable host and great guests.
Really enjoyed these interviews. Please keep doing them. Looking forward to the next one.
Loved the first 2 pods informative and entertaining. Looking forward to more
Inisghtful intelligent journalism delivered with Graham Hunter's customary panache. The best conversation down the pub after the match ever. Thank you.
This is a great podcast for understanding the game just that much more. Fantastic interviews so far, and I expect the same in the future.
This is a man that is to writing,analyzing and break down of the game as Messi is to football. He is a true genius I'm glad he's back at it. Cheer! @luck1211
Would love to hear more of these. Look forward to seeing who's next. Wycombe's Gareth Ainsworth is a fascinating guy, by the way.
Really enjoyed this first one. Quality. Thank you!
Hi, wonderful podcast, can't wait for the next one. Would it be possible if we could know the guest(s) ahead of time and maybe have questions for the guest(s)