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I have been listening for a while now and truly love this show! Great guests and Ramble shares so many stories and makes me laugh every time!
I have listened to a lot of podcasts and heard Ramble Redhead for the first time during Pride 48 weekend. He comes off as so genuine and down to earth. Seems like a great guy and I will definitely be listening.
Tom doesn't live by a strict release schedule and that's probably for the best. When you've been releasing shows as long as he has, I can complain. Quality over quantity.
I’ve been listening to Ramble over one year now and truly love his interview style. He is not afraid to tackle the sensitive GLBT topics and will keep you entertained the entire time. If I had 10% of his energy, I could run a marathon in under 2 hours. Subscribe and listen to this show. If you’re not completely exhausted by the end of the hour, you weren’t listening close enough. Enjoy!
Ramble is on a mission to document and interview every gay person on the planet – well at least the most interesting people. His amusing but engaging style is fresh and alive with emotions.
Just discovered this podcast after having friended Ramble on Facebook a while ago! LOVE IT! He's got such a great sense of humor. His shows are so fun! He is a natural when it comes to interviewing and makes interviews interesting and informative not just for the gay community but for everyone. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!!
Ramble is crazy, witty and fun. He is a great role model for the LGBT community. I love his show. It is refreshing when people can just be themselves. Gay without any pretense. My iPOD died last night and I am sad, I wanted to listen to some more Ramble today. I'll be back though. :-)
Tom's podcast has a two-pronged approach. On the one hand, he talks about his life, and all the adventures that the world throws at him. On the other hand, Tom shares his microphone with celebrities and movers and shakers within the GLBT community, as well as the community's straight allies. One day, this podcast will be given the recognition it is for giving a voice to those who often have difficulty making their voices heard. I would be remiss if I did not say that there are times that this podcast is purely entertaining. Tom has a great sense-of-humor, and will launch into some kind of comic tirade in the middle of his shows. It's worth a listen to see what happens!
Ramble is a friend to everyone he talks to and with. His guidance and support through the years of his podcast have certainly been not only noteworthy but also encouraging. I wish him many many more years of success and am grateful to call him my friend. Thank you, Ramble, for all that you mean to us, your listeners!
In this podcast I have learned a lot about the various LGBT members out there, including Ramble, that are out and proud making a difference for us . People that have different perspectives and are on different walks of life will find many stories in this podcast that they can relate to and even be moved by. I have been moved by each interview because each person honestly exposes their lives in a way that makes me feel proud to be a part of the community. Ramble has provided valuable interviews as well as personal stories from his own life through his podcast. I get to listen to interviews with the movers and shakers, up and coming activists and artists as well as historical figures that all affect our LGBT community in positive progressive ways
Tom rambles. It's what he does best! He rambles during interviews with LGBT celebrities, podcasters and supporters. He rambles when interjecting tidbits about his personal life. He rambles when calling other podcasters. He rambles on live shows on Pride 48. He rambles! But every ramble is smart ... or funny ... or insightful ... or compassionate! If you’re not listening to Tom ramble, you’re missing out!
I have been listening to this show for the past 4 years and it is amazing. The guests are always interesting and relevant. It's obvious from listening that Ramble creates a safe, supportive environment for his guests, which leads to some of the best interviews I have heard on the net.
Tom has been a fixture of the podcast universe for many years now. "The Ramble Red-Head Show," is an earnest production conveyed with great authenticity and enthusiasm by Tom, that features episode after episode, the warm, wondrous and thoughtful gay-positive messages we wish so much for our LGBT youth to hear. One right after another, Ramble brings home captivating and thoughtful interviews with fascinating members of the LGBT community. Thank you Tom, for your steadfast dedication to bringing out the best parts of our diverse and sometimes heroic gay culture, for all to hear.
I have been a listener for a few years now and the show is still as exciting, fun, and informative as it was when I first subscribed. The Ramble Redhead is a truly funny human being with an uncanny knack for interviewing the most amazing guests. Thank you Tom! Keep up the great work. Love the show!! Christina GFN
Tom is a leader in interviewing the GLBT communities movers & shakers! You always learn something in this podcast. It's a great resource for everyone!
This is one of the better GLBT podcasts out there. Tom is a wonderful interviewer. He's entraining, funny and informative. He usually manages to book informative and inspirational guests as well. Also, I really love that he posts consistently, which is a challenge for many podcasters who are not compensated at all for what they do.
I tune in to my favorite ginger on Itunes to listen to LGBT issues. He sounds reserved when interviewing about serious issues but he has an adorable alter ego that always cracks me up. Kudos and keep up the good work!
This show is very entertaining and informative. Tom knows how to interview, and his guests are enlightening. This show has never been equalled in it's content strength.
Hats off to Ramble for a podcast that is needed in the gay community. Thanks for being a voice to those that don't have one. Stay on you path to make Gays so Much better
I have been listening to Ramble Redhead for a while now, and can only say that I only have appreciate Ramble more as time goes along. Now, when he does an intervies, he does break a lot of the rules of doing interviews, but many of the people he interview are people who are not out there to do interviews, but they are people that need to be heard, and with his style of interviews, Ramble put them at ease, and lets them be heard. SO give him a try for sure
Great interviewer with some of the most influential people in the glbt community, or just your everyday personal journal podcast is what you get with the fantastic show that is Ramble Redhead. Never a dull moment as he will have you thinking, laughing, pondering and thank the sweet hydrogen that you are gay/lesbian. Appreciate what a wonderful human he is; and listen to his show that has been a inspiration to me. Thank you much Tom!! Ed
Tom the Ramble Redhead reveals much of himself in his interviews as well as drawing out the personal narratives of his guests. I especially enjoy the RR interviews with other podcasters. I've discovered fascinating folks I otherwise might have missed. --cronehaven
Ramble Redhead is a great podcast for beginners. It's fun, informative, and often times, heartfelt. Ramble is a good place to start discovering the world of podcasting and to get in touch with what's currently happening in the LGBT community. Always time well spent. Love him.
Recently found the podcast and really enjoy his voice. Awesome podcast!
I wanna say this doesn't feel as much like listening to a PodCast as it feels like catch'n up with an friend over coffee.
I just love this podcast. Tom, aka, Ramble Redhead is so sweet and honest. He has a great interview style when talking with his guests and when he's solo, he will win you over with his charm and sense of fun. I would recommend Ramble Redhead to anyone who wants a podcast where you can really embrace and get to know the podcaster. Tom's warmth and generousity really come throught to the listener.
Tom's honesty, attitude, delivery, and guest make this podcast a must listen. There is fun, drama, and more than a few teachable moments on this show. The show has added value to my podcast listening experience and, if you are human, you will be touched. Just a great job Tom - please keep it up, you're making a difference.
Wow! Ramble has the most wonderful guests ever. He is a gentleman and a scholar.
Tom has been a rock in the LGBTQ community. He's committed to making a different in the lives of our worlds LGBT youth and impacting there sense of self worth and self empowerment. He has interviewed some of the most interesting people in show business in a way that gives them a chance to give their best advice at the end of the interview. Tom is genuinely concerned and interested in the plight of the LGBT youth in our nation and in our world and he doesn't let a chance pass him by to speak out and to give others a voice in this every changing political climate that gives us basic rights and then takes them away. One thing you can be sure of. If a human being has a story.... Tom will allow him or her to tell it on his show and we'll all get to hear the truth about what's really going on. I cannot recommend this podcast enough because Tom the Ramble Redhead actually does something. It's not just all talk. Have a listen for yourself and find out and if you'd like.... ask Tom if you can be a guest on his show!
The Rambleredhead podcast combines the fun, goofy, loving spirit of the host with topics of serious concern to the GLBT community. Tom, the genial host snags some very important voices that should be listened to. No matter how heavy it gets, he manages to keep it fun, informative & upbeat. A don't miss podcast.
Thanks Tom aka Ramble Redhead and all you do. The different interviews covers the diversity of the LGBT community. I can't wait for you to interview Ricky Martin! Keep up the good work!
With tons of heart and passion, Ramble Redhead shares the LGBT experience in America today. Go Ramble go!
Admission: I was a guest on the show. Rather than comment on my experience, I prefer instead to applaud that the show exists. PBS used to host a program with our community in mind, and in their absence Tom the Ramble Redhead has graciously filled the void. Whatever happens on-air seems second to the fact that the show exists... we need more like it! Shawn Stewart Ruff Author
Tom, you do more good than you know. Most of your interviews are interesting and I like the variety of folks from different backgrounds. Everyone should find someone to identify with and find inspiring here. Keep up the good work!!!
Ramble Redhead is a great podcast that introduces listeners to big names in the LGBT community, as well as regular members, like you and me. His easy-going interview style and infectious enthusiasm make this podcast a 5-star listen. He loves what he does and it shows. His guests are amazing and there are also solo shows, a glimpse into the life of the extra fun host, Tom. No matter your sexual orientation, whether questioning or not, this show is for you!
Ramble Redhead's shows are always so enjoyable...even if you've never heard of the person he's interviewing. When you listen he makes you feel like you're sitting in the room with them like a fly on the wall listening in on there conversations.
All too often, when you subscribe to a podcast, the podcast stops updating. But NOT WITH RAMBLE REDHEAD!! Tom is one the most consistant and dedicated podcasters on the internet. He regularly updates his shows, and it never fails to show up in my iTunes And the shows are interesting! His interviews with newsmakers and authors are top notch, and his social bantering with friends shows are simply fun. He never lets us wonder why he's known as "Ramble", either! For those of us who are aspiring podcasters, he is a great inspiration! AND he's done this for over 300 episodes!! Keep up the GREAT work, Tom!!
This podcast quickly became one of my favorites. Ramble always has interesting, informative, and entertaining guests. His friendly nature makes each episode feel like a personal conversation between friends. Keep up the ramblin'.
Great Podcast - Very Entertaining and Informative!
This is one of the most informative and entertaining podcasts available. I love the interviews. Tom asks the questions that those of us at home would ask and want to know the answers to. Great job.
Ramble Redhead has always been supportive of all those he comes into contact with in his life. I often wondered where all that positive energy came from (was it really real). Well, he has been having some serious personal/financial troubles lately, and yet he has maintained his high energy/positive attitude throughout it all. He is a regular role model for those of us who find any obstacles on life's highway as an excuse for major drama and self-pity. His podcasts are always interesting and well planned. If you are looking for fun and sometimes hope to learn a few things, the RR podcast is the place to be. He always lifts my spirits every time I listen. He can even put a positive spin on bad news, and make you laugh about it too. What a remarkable young man. Gotta love this guy.
I really enjoy the Ramble Redhead podcast. It features great interviews from fascinating people. It is by far one of the best podcasts on Itunes.
I love that name for your show! It has a special ring to it! I will be listening to more of your podcast shows very soon and I will keep you informed! Thank You for being a friend ! I love the glitz and glamor of your blog! From Michael Fein.
This is a great podcast for people to listen to if they are having trouble coming out about themselves. Some of the guests are inspirational, have great stories, and are very funny! If you are looking a good podcast to get interested in, this is the one!
Before the Rambleredhead show came into my life I'd hoped for a LGBT Barbara Walters to happen on the queer scene. I wanted the real dish on the gay celebs in our culture. I just listened to the interview with ANT, comic of Logo fame, and my wish has been granted. Thanks for your good work RR! Bravo!
This is one of the best podcasts on the net, if not the best GLBT podcast I have ever listened to. All of the guests have meaningful and insightful things to say. The host is extremely gracious and engaging. I love the topics covered and I'm always left feeling grateful for having the oppurtunity to listen. I encourage everyone to subscribe to it.
I'm a new listener to Ramble Redhead, and I'm amazed by the breadth of interviews he's done! He has a great style of drawing out a sense of real life with his guests. How he finds these interesting people is amazing because they come from all over the place! Great job, Red!