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This show used to me spot on amazing. Then Bo left, and so have I.
The subjects presented are great and stretch a diversity of topics. Main Question: Why haven't new episodes been posted since December 2016? I can only find the latest episodes on the website. Also, some old episodes don't play. Why is this?
I love this podcast and listen to every one. Great intellectual discussions about the issues of our times without the interference of emotional manipulation. So why have no new episodes been uploaded since the election? I have a hard time believing that it's not a coincidence. There are two new episodes available at the Humanist website. Apple, please fix this problem. I'd hate to think that you've sold out over the election results.
Great content, but the sound recording quality of the new host is so terrible I can't listen anymore! Would love to have the host invest in a nicer mic and/or pre-amp to make this enjoyable once again!
I've enjoyed most of the episodes. There hosts are good interviewers with thought provoking questions. The only annoyance is brief theme music that interrupts the conversation identifying the podcast several times an hour. Get rid of that. There no need to announce the name of podcast. We know what we're listening to.
Bo Bennet does a great job with this podcast - honest, friendly, intelligent. He’s got some great guests too. This podcast really makes you think about your own position on things and exposes the muddy thinking we hear around us all the time. Keep up the great work!
Excellent hosts, guests, and topics. I've listened for years and believe the show keeps getting better.
This podcast is disappointing. I was hoping I have found a humanist podcast able to get beyond religion enough to stop putting any energy into it, even just by scoffing at it (and the people involved in it). But judging by recent episodes (except one good one with an exceptional guest who refused to "go there" with the host) this podcast is not "it." I'm ready for an intelligent discussion that consistently moves beyond the ultra-boring, well-hashed, entry-level-inetllectualism, and un-productive speed bump of self-congratulatory discounting of religion.
A great show of topics of interests to Humanists, with charming and intelligent hosts.
Todd Stiefel and Kim Ellington continue to deliver great dialogue. Having Bo Bennett produce a second show is highly entertaining and ties listeners over to Todd and Kim.


Why are 99% of the downloads having errors during download?
I would like to download and listen to back episodes, but get an error message every time (on iPhone, iPod and laptop). The episode with Dan Savage was excellent and I would like to hear more from THH. Please fix downloading problem. Thank you...
As of August 22, 2013, they still haven't got their act together to iron our whatever problems there are that is preventing me from downloading every podcast except for the latest, which is #85. Please fix the problem.
I totally disagree with wanting more energetic hosts. This is a great show and it is absolutely fitting to have rational hosts with brains. I listen to this show for content, and would be extremely annoyed if the host was a giggling airhead or if it contained immature cracks all the time. These hosts do an awesome job and keep the show interesting and Real. Btw where is October's episode?
The podcasts are almost always interesting. Given the dry nature of the material, they do well. I wish they had livelier folks talking, though. These are cerebral people and maybe they should have a cocktail or two before the shows. Loosen up a little. I'm serious. At least have someone prone to giggling, or someone for comic relief. This could be like "Car Talk,". Riotous and still informative. Folks would love to listen. There is much to chuckle about in the religious world. Lots of good ideas here. Definitely good people. Also wish they would have some dates in the podcasts.
Looked forward to the podcast based on the topics and guests. However, it just bored me to death. Listened to about a dozen episodes. The energy level of the show is so low I just can't listen to it anymore.

By 123jh
Your podcast is great, wish it was done more often.


By CCC77
I am so happy to have come across your podcast and organization.
Great Podcast. Features good interviews with fascinating people, I highly recommend this to anyone interested humanism and a rational discussion of life.
To quote a non-humanist book, this is truly a voice in the wilderness -- clear, refreshing and inspiring. Great guests, news from around the world, and a humanist/secular/rational perspective on a variety of topics. The tone is light; no religion-bashing, no preaching, no arrogance. I recommend this show both to confirmed humanists and to religious/spiritual believers who want to learn about how naturalistic philosophies are practiced by everyday people.
The Humanist Network is a great podcast for those looking for rational, honest, and respectful discussion of world events and religion. Its fantastic podcasts allow us to all to easily access needed viewpoints that are missing in the mass media.
This is the best podcast for those escaping from the brainwashing of church lady and her doughboy husband. The hosts are entertaining and intelligent. Guests are always relevant and valuable. I disagree with a previous poster that the sound quality is bad, he is perhaps complaining about the telephone interviews. My only complaint is the same whiny opening music, but I've learned to FF past that. This is a better podcast than FFRF, because their music is WAY worse!
My absolute favorite podcast, HNN teaches me and inspires me to learn more and to embrace different ways to enjoy my newly found free thinking. The banter between Jes and Duncan is witty, fun, and intelligent. There are many other free thinking, humanist, secular podcasts out there, but Jes and Duncan generally steer away from sarcasm and pettiness often found in other podcasts. Bravo! I only wish that it happened more than once a month. -Chris
Listening to Jes and Duncan toss conversations around like a hacky sack is fun to listen to, and the interviews are always grand. I love the most recent 'cast done in the style of the NPR StoryCorps. Excellent!
Fun, lively and enlighting!
The show has some definite merit as an introduction via experience to the humanist community. I direct people here that are skeptical of atheists' ability to organize, (if I hear a "herding cats" joke one more time...). The downside, for me, is that the show relies on short, Sesame Street-style construction to keep interest and doesn't necessarily dig very deep into the issues of humanism/atheism. If you want something with more rigor, you'll have to look elsewhere. Overall, not a bad listen and certainly worth listening to if you're interested in getting started with or learning more about the humanist community.
Great listening to the show. I always learn something. They are informative and get good interesting guest on the show. They are down to earth people who ask down to earth questions that regular people want to ask the guest. I really like that they are not out to bash christians like some militant athiest do. They are just talking about the positive and ethical aspects of the humanist. yeah! Go Duncan and Jes!
HNN presents a refreshingly different podcast highlighting the alternative perspectives of humanists. This is done so with a sense of humor. I like the hosts, particularly for their banter. Keep up the good work.
I've been a listener to the podcast for some time, and have ALWAYS found the quality to be tops. Jes and Duncan are professional grade and work hard to come out with polished content.
One of the better and more intelligent podcasts. Very insightful and educational.
I enjoy this podcast immensely and would recommend it to anyone.
I got #30 because Greg Graffin was on it, listened to it & found that besides several prominent artists/writers/musicians that I'm a fan of, James Kunstler has been on HNN!! James Kunstler!! Keep up the good work! I'm a subscriber now!
I love the show. Don't care much for the theme song, but don't let that stop you. Listen and learn.
Duncan and Jes present an outstanding program each month. We need more communicators like this spreading rational thought and humanist ideals. Keep up the good work!
The Humanist Network News podcast opens the mind for critical thinking, rational responding, and intellectual insight which is amazingly difficult to find sometimes in a nation that was built on these ideals.
I like this podcast and the discussions. The chat at the beginning of the podcast goes on too long but the overall content is good.
Duncan and Jess are a funny pair. But most importantly, Jess has the single sexiest G--D--- voice ever. Huge crush.
Duncan and Jes (the hosts of the show) obviously take a great deal of pride in their program, and the level of polish overall is outstanding. I love the different interviews and would love to hear more of the "Break on through to the other side" segment. My biggest complaint is that I only get to hear them once a month. Keep up the good work guys.
This podcast is great. I love listening to the interviews and music about issues that we as humanists care about, and it's great to hear about how other humanists deal with the world around them and their communities. I especially loved the Darwin Day episode where the atheist mom shared how she celebrates with her children.
With practice, Humanist Network News is producing a nice podcast. Recent sound quality is much improved over the first shows. Host Duncan Crary is personable and knowledgeable. The guests are a diverse lot, from humanist spies to comedians to national and international leaders of the humanist movement. I enjoyed the discussion with political cartoonists in #4. The shows also include humanist music and listener feedback. It’s apparent that HNN is putting a lot of work into this ‘cast. Perhaps with our feedback and encouragement, HNN can be persuaded to produce this interesting and entertaining show more frequently. --christian
I gave this all I could, but the combination of being overlong with the amateurish presentation just did me in. Much of this is tedious, somewhat boring, uncomfortable as the presenter stumbles, not just over language, but larger concepts. So far, D. J. Grothe's Point of Inquiry has replaced this as my humanist/freethinker fix.


By Nuco
I love the IHS. This podcast is packed with the people from the front lines making things happen. It is about time we have a choice in the heavy right wing talk radio. Keep the guests and the talk coming, so much happens in the secular world that goes unknown. it is an hour long, (making each interview or song available seperatly or in 15 min blocks would be my suggestion) but that is just the ADD speaking.
After years of listening to crazy right wing talk radio, it's so almost surreal to hear the same format filled with such reasonable and well articulated opinions and observations. I am going to keep listening for sure.
The problem with podcasting means that everyone with a microphone and computer thinks they should be podcasting. Constructive criticism: Poor sound quality, goofy special effects, choppy interviews. But it is an important subject matter, even if it isnt a well-organized treatment. I give them kudos for even daring to question Big Religion. I'd say stick with this podcast to see if they improve over time. I'm rooting for them.