Reviews For Brink Of Reality | Australian Survivor Community / Bachelor

I love Adam and Ryan’s takes and they have a great take on strategy and character development that many of the other shows overlook.
I can't figure out how to vote for you all. You are great. Janet USA
I came across this podcast via the RHAP universe, and I really love the different perspective on the show. Keep up the good work, guys!
Great coverage, smart, thorough, and I especially enjoyed all of the Nick Iadanza content. He's the best.
Smart, friendly and an excellent listen - these are the successors of the Survivor OZ podcast. They cover Australia and US. I listen to easily 15 hours of survivor coverage each week across many different podcasts These are the guys I go to after finishing Rob Has a Podcast and you should too.
Keep up the good work guys, You've got me as a listener!