Reviews For Brink Of Reality | Australian Survivor Community

Ryan’s passion towards Survivor and reality tv is awesome. Keep up the great work mate.
Ryan does a great job breaking down US and international versions of Survivor. Love to get the perspective from our friends from "down under"! Keep it up.
All round really like Ryan's POV of specifically Survivor related content. Am a fan of the Survivor South Africa podcasts.
I love Adam and Ryan’s takes and they have a great take on strategy and character development that many of the other shows overlook.
I can't figure out how to vote for you all. You are great. Janet USA
I came across this podcast via the RHAP universe, and I really love the different perspective on the show. Keep up the good work, guys!
Great coverage, smart, thorough, and I especially enjoyed all of the Nick Iadanza content. He's the best.
Smart, friendly and an excellent listen - these are the successors of the Survivor OZ podcast. They cover Australia and US. I listen to easily 15 hours of survivor coverage each week across many different podcasts These are the guys I go to after finishing Rob Has a Podcast and you should too.
Keep up the good work guys, You've got me as a listener!