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Annie Coleman did a great job! It was a lifesaver! She introduced me to Librivox. I'm a total fan!
Loved listening to Annie while driving
I enjoyed listening to Annie before going to bed because of her soothing voice. I wish she would read the rest of the Anne books. I have gotten used to the voices she gives the characters.
i'm kind of suprised that so many people find her voice nice and even soothing. i found it to be high-pitched and hard to listen to. at first i thought it was a bad recording but after three different titles i absolutely cannot tolerate her voice.
Annie pronounces "conscious" as though it were spelled "conscience". Innocent enough, but wholly different.
Great for a free reading. Keep on recording!! (After you do some more, it would be great if you could do some later Anne books!)
Love this! Great works play it while getting to do list done. Annie does a wonderful job with characters!!!!
Annie Coleman has a nice selection of stories, and a good reading voice, unlike a few other Librivox readers I've heard. Thanks, Annie!


I loved the way it was read it made the story so alive the entonation,pitch all wonderful read more pls
Clear and pleasant to listen to. I wish she would do more.
I have been listening at night while I drift off to sleep. I look forward to it now. Thank you so much Annie
My job is exhaustively boring, and the only thing that made it bearable was that I got to listen to Anne of Green Gables. Annie may not have the best reading voice (though it's definitely not the worst), but it is evident that she truly enjoys the pieces she reads from and tries to make her enjoyment contagious.
I've never been a big 'audiobook' fan, but I thought I'd try this once, being free and all. I'm quite impressed! The selection of books is great. Annie Coleman's voice is very pleasant, and not at all monotonous. I'm glad I found this podcast.
I am not a review writer, well I quess I am now. I thoroughly enjoyed both Huck Finn & Ann of Green Gables! Please read more Annie!
Annie Coleman is an axcellent reader. A joy to listen to:) I can't wait for more! This is a must if you love the classic of Anne Shirley.
I really enjoyed it, and hope you do more. I work for Boeing and I tried listening to you and my days went so smooth and happy. Thanks alot!
Bravo! How fortunate that we all are to have this available to everyone for free! Annie Coleman is helping to create a world of English readers and listeners who are enjoying literature that they otherwise may have never had the opportunity to learn. Thank you!
Truly GREAT! Good for the mind, body and spirit in these hectic times. I recommend it!
Great job. I love to listen to your chapters while exercising at the gym. Keep reading for us!


By Suze14
This is a wonderful podcast. Annie's voice is clear and pleasant. I am always anxiously awaiting the next installment! Thanks Annie!
Very wonderful reading done by Annie. I just finished with Huck Finn and can't believe that at age 34 I never gave the book a chance before. I loved it and it's made all the more better by Annie's reading. I really hope she keeps it up. It's a great podcast to listen to while at the gym for running. Very relaxing. Maybe she'll include Little Women?????? : )
I am so grateful to Annie and the others at librivox for providing us with free access to these wonderful and wonderfully presented books. Annie's performance of Anne of Green Gables is so thoughtful that I was able to understand her character in a new, more richly defined light. Annie's "Anne" is perhaps more innocent, dreamy and vulnerable than say, the Anne Shirley performed by Megan Follows in the popular miniseries. I think that Annie has a considerable talent for understanding characters.Bravo!
Anne of Green Gables is wonderfully read! Annie has a very soothing voice and while her earlier readings (Pride and Prejudice) still needed a little finishing work, somewhere along the way it is clear and sounds as if she's reading directly at your bedside rather than over the computer. (I finished Anne... and haven't finished Pride yet, but even though Pride isn't perfect at the beginning, by maybe chapter ten or so it's even beginning to sound professional.) Please keep reading Annie!
librivox readers are volunteers. librivox is a public service. i love annie's work, her voice is clear and she reads with sincerity. children and adults can enjoy the same classics this way.
I miss Annie...
thank you annie! i love classical literature so much but i'm also short on time. your audiobooks give me the chance to enjoy the stories i love where ever i go and for a great price- free! thank you so much.
A delightful classic read by a great reader with wonderful voice. I've been surprised at how much I am thoroughly enjoying this podcast. It actually makes me look forward to the commute home from work. Thank you Annie! Great job!


This chick's voice is so slow!!!! Is she a robot? She gives it no oomph!
Great choices of stories to read aloud. Annie delivers the stories in a clear voice with good pronunciation. Very fun to listen at work :) My only negative comment is that the installments are infrequent, sometimes a month in between chapters :(
I've very much enjoyed listening to Audiobooks With Annie. She has a lovely voice, and she keeps me interested in what she's reading (which is not an easy thing to do). I only wish that it was updated more often. Keep up the good work, Annie!
This podcast is really good. I read a lot but I like to multi-task so I enjoy listening to these while I am doing other things. The reader really does a good job. She employs many a lot of vocal inflection and expression in her reading to make it more interesting.
I love this podcast! I listen to Pride and Prejudice on my iPod every night as I am falling asleep, and I never get sick of it. I am eagerly anticipating the next chapter in Anne of Green Gables! :-) Thanks, Annie, for your delightful readings of great works of literature.
I'm enjoying every moment of it. As Annie Coleman is reading I can picture Anne in my mind. I listen as I walk my dog and find I walk further than I had originally planned so I can hear the end of the chapter and listen to another on the way back. I save them up so I can hear four on each walk. I intend to listen to all the books Annie Coleman has read for podcast, she's really wonderful.


By _RaWo_
Annie has a great reading voice. The books are great and the readings are wonderfully done -- entertaining and educational. Thanks!
I love this book and it was such a nice surprise to find it in a podcast for free!! Annie's reading is real good and undestandable. I loved every minute of the podcast! I hope Annie will read Sense and Sensibility or any other great novels by Jane Austen.
Annie, I so enjoy listening to you read...I have my headsets going on my daily workout on the treadmill...or just working around in the yard...I just "Love" the way you read and the way your own personality beams through without any pretense on your part. Thank you for taking the time to do this for us...I for one "Really" appreciate you!!!~! May God Bless You Richly and Have a Brght Day! Polkadot
my favorite classics read like P&P are read.and they are read so well, so how couldnt i love it?
I am surprised at how much I enjoy listening to this audiobook. The reading is well done, and of course, how can you not love a story such as this (for FREE, no less)! I can't wait for the next part to come! Great job!