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By natedid
The perfect podcast for film students. Maybe one day I’ll get some where Bc of these insights! Thanks fam.
Love getting insight from these directors! Perfect for working filmmakers trying to navigate their journey through commercial and other work.
Oren and Matt are not only fun to listen to, they share breadth of experience and knowledge that only come from those deep in the trenches and fighting the good fight. An incredible resource to filmmakers looking to be inspired to just shoot it. They also have an awesome network of guests, friends, and colleagues all willing to share their experiences with the listeners. A must listen!
Oren and Matt are both very open about their own experiences and ask the kind of questions that an aspiring director wants to hear. Listening to their enthusiastic discussions really motivates me to get back to work.
I just listened to the episode 59 with Timothy and Alrik and thought I’d help you guys get more iTunes ratings/reviews than they have!
This podcast is TERRIFIC. Everyone should check out the show. If you’re an aspiring filmmaker you’ll learn more about THE BIZ by listening to these guys then from any book or film school. Well worth your time. Always great guests, great questions and great insight!
Been listening for over a year now! And been meeting to write a review and since I just started my own podcast and know what it feels like to need the support I’m finally taking Oren & Matt’s suggestion and reviewing it! Great conversations, great guests, real practical advice from non-famous people who don’t quite have a big head yet. Yet. They are working filmmakers and inspire all of us who are aspiring to the same place. Just listen. Then just shoot it.
As a brand new or an experienced filmmaker this podcast is great on giving information about anxieties, problems and the ups and downs you may encounter in the filmmaking industry. Matt and Oren delve into many different topics and interview many different guests on their experiences. They discuss first gigs, the hustle, time consuming shoots and passion projects. As a new filmmaker, who has such a small amount of knowledge and experience, Matt and Oren have given me a greater insight to the different aspects of filmmaking and helped me prepare myself as I save up to attend film school in a couple years. Thank you Matt and Oren, this podcast is awesome.
This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts on film, up there with Scriptnotes and the Bret Easton Ellis podcast. I tune in every week for the great insights from Oren and Matt, both working directors, and their guests who come from various backgrounds – DPs, execs, actors and more. Well worth the subscribe!
I've been listening to this podcast while I prep for film school this fall. Matt and Oren make the film industry and its lingo super accessible for people looking in from the outside. They interview interesting guests who bring in their perspectives as well (writers, directors, actors, etc.). I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to break into the industry or still in the beginning of their career. However, at some point you have to take a break from listening and JUST SHOOT IT. :)
Recently found this podcast and I really enjoy the guys’ POV. Though I do take issue with Oren continuing to say that LA actors are better... Coming from an actor with very few film opportunities in/around my city, and unable to uproot family, I think local hires deserve a fair shot, too. Still- really entertaining and informative behind the scenes show!
A great resource for aspiring and veteran filmmakers alike! I’ve been an actor for years, but I’ve only just recently began to understand the power of creating my own content. Having only identified with the acting side of things, I’ve been terrified to write my own scripts, let alone direct projects. This podcast has been an amazing resource and has really helped guide me as I navigate these new concepts. Thanks for the great guests, unpaid endorsements and thoughtful dialogues! Keep up the great work!
Directing or video related- listen to these two! Great content every time.
It good, okay!? Just listen to it! Actually I don’t even care if you do. I’ll save it for myself. It’s all mine ... move along! Nothing to see here.
No joke, not just writing a good review for iTunes. This is by far my favorite filmmaking podcast. I've been binge listening on my car rides to the studio since I found the podcast. I listen to "KCRW The Business" for film industry news, then listen to "Just Shoot It" for raw directing insight and creative encouragement. I love that you guys talk about the challenges of working with certain projects and clients and that you share what you're working on on a weekly basis. I'm a Director/Creative Producer who runs my production company, JJack Productions, out of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios. I've been telling those around me about your podcast. Your guys work in branded content, commercial, and narrative work is reflective of what I do so your insight and stories are massively beneficial. (Yeah I had to self promote a little) Your insight has been really encouraging as we rock out pre-production for our current feature film, "Hunting God", that we start shooting March 12th, 2018!!! It's nice to listen to your podcast before diving into storyboarding/shot lists/pre-pro stuff. Don't stop, as I'm one of many that will continue to listen. P.s. Oren, I can't believe you endorsed Starbucks during one of the episodes Sincerely, Justin Jackola JJack Productions
About a year back, a friend recommended Just Shoot It to me, and since then I've been hooked. I usually listen to a lot of craft specific podcasts (scriptnotes, ASC, Q&A), that focus on higher end mainstream cinema; and while those are great, I was really searching for something that I could relate to on a ground level. Filmmaking as a career, a hobby, an adventure, and a passion. Oren and Matt are great at painting a picture on what it’s like to be a working director, and are then able to pull advice and lessons from that experience for the listener. The guests they get on are great, and the unpaid endorsements make for a good deeper dive into what makes creatives tick.
In Episode 72, Matt & Oren asked for a bad review because they had become so accustomed to getting good reviews. Sorry guys, I simply cannot take your direction here. Disclaimer: I’ve binge listened to every episode and I went to their first live show, so I know what I’m typing about. The podcast is rich in information and a great resource for anyone who is interested in or already part of the film industry. These guys are building a community with their listeners and guests, so come be a part of it. Most importantly, remember that idea being ricocheted off the walls in the confines of your mind? This podcast will help encourage you to video tape it. Just video tape it!
Fantastic podcast for anyone just starting out making web videos or people who are already making some money and trying to figure out how to reach the next stage in their career. I will say that the two bullet holes on the podcast's cover do kinda make it look like it's about guns... Fear not! This is not a podcast about guns. They cover not just the technical side of the craft but also the personal: how to pitch, how to make a good impression and represent yourself well, etc. It's all super valuable stuff that's making me wish I could get back all that money I spent on film school.
Oren and Matt provide a wealth of information for filmmakers who are just getting started in their careers as well as insight for working professionals as well. The variety of guests that they bring on the show is excellent so you always end up getting a fresh perspective in each episode. Also the non-guest episodes are great too, so don’t just skip the solo ones, those are some of the best episodes of the show. So stop reading this review, subscribe and dive into a deep pool of filmmaking knowledge!
Matt and Oren, keep up the great work for all of us filmmakers who are navigating this industry. We at Stage 32 love that you bring in people who are doing it now, and it's our same mission to help encourage and support fellow creatives. Bravo guys.
Looking for your one-stop-filmmaking-resource-shop? Look no further. From commercial directing to moving to LA, this podcast is a cornucopia of delicious information-nuggets. As an aspiring writer and director, Oren and Matt’s podcast has not only been incredibly entertaining, but the information from one particular episode (Ep. 81 “Everything About Making Commercials”) helped me on my first commercial directing gig! Wowee! Talk about practical application! (I mostly just wanted to hear you guys say “wowee” on the air). Anyway, if that hasn’t convinced you to give it a listen, then I don’t know what will! Keep up the good work guys, it’s inspiring. Seth Yergin
An excellent podcast from two directors working hard in Hollywood. Oren and Matt do a great job of letting us into their world by sharing their experiences, processes, aspirations, and occasional anxieties. The guests are excellent, I always get a lot out of this podcast, and I’m sure you will too. This is an unpaid endorsement (unpaid endorsement).
Matt and Oren’s discussions and guest interviews have become one of my must-listen podcasts. I come to this show as an actor with vague ideas of directing my own stuff down the road. The amount of insight and BTS info you can glean from this show is huge. I definitely recommend it to anyone working (or with an interest in working) in the industry.
A++ "Just Shoot It" is incredibly informative and robust in its practical offerings. Matt seems super level headed while his videos are strongly comedic and somewhat irreverant, and Oren reads as a passionate artist whose material is technically layered and dramatically enduring. That's my pithy way of saying, they're a fabulous team! Thanks guys for this awesome collection of experience, knowledge and recommendations.
Not only do they have great guests on, but the hosts themselves are very knowledgeable about the process of getting things from page to screen which makes for great interviews. It’s one of my weekly listens.
Listened to one episode that a friend recommended; now binge-listening to this podcast. Find myself wanting to take notes. Especially love the 🎶unpaid endorsements.🎶 Thanks for sharing your experiences with such authenticity!
So, I have always had a love for creating stories and listening to this podcast has helped me translate the writing onto a screen!
I've been directing for a few years now in a small town/small market and this is an amazing resource for someone in my shoes. Matt and Oren speaking openly and honestly about things in the industry that are extreamly difficult to find elsewhere. The combination of Matt and Orens body of work along with the guests they bring on provides a wealth of information for new or verteran directors. Not only does it benefit me professionally but hearing the day to day struggles (creative, clinets, worklife balance) are all things that reassure you that it's not just you. Found this podcast about 6 months ago and have been on a binge catching up. Thanks guys!
I binge listened to every episode in a very short amount of time. These guys talk about the industry in a realistic way but don't make you feel like its an impossible goal to be a working director! Their insight is invaluable, I even reached out to them with advice and recieved a very long and detailed crytique of me reel and couldnt be more greatful that they took the time to respond. I've suggested this to all my fellow film making friends and that exctends to anyone reading this review! Listen and you will only get better at what you do!
Hey guys, the podcast is awesome! I love the genuine perspective you and your guests give to the audience. It's been really cool watching the progression of the podcast and although I'm sad to be out of episodes to binge I'm happy to be all caught up. Can't wait for more! p.s. - I sent in an email with some questions, check it out!
I've been listening to this podcast for about a year and I really enjoy it. Although I work in Post Production as a Colorist, I really enjoy hearing about Production from a Directors point of view. Knowing how a Director thinks helps me serve their needs when the are in my Color Bay. I recommend this podcast to my Clients, Producers, DPs and Directors. Keep up the good work guys! I hope to see you in my Color Bay someday.
I love this podcast! How did I not find it sooner?! These guys talk about filmmaking in such a clear, honest and transparent way. They seem to have an analytical mindset, so it feels upbeat - which is really refreshing and super informative, and I’m learning so much! I hope they keep doing it! And I can’t wait to catch up on all the old episodes.
I've always gravitated towards filmmaking as a hobby and will probably continue that throughout my life. Although my career path in Social Work does not necessitate filmmaking, there is still plenty I can do to incorporate the two. This podcast helps me to understand other avenues and processes used to plan, create, and deliver films to the audience you are looking for. I will definitely continue listening!
I do not listen to podcasts, but I listen to this one, and it's fantastic. I discovered it through a friend who was on the show and had posted the link on her social media, and I thought I'd give it a shot. I quickly binged through the entire list of episodes and now eagerly check my phone on a weekly basis to see if a new episode has come out yet. I have since made my colleagues listen to the show as well, because I think it's that valuable and provides a great framework for discussing creative projects as well as navigating the business. The thing about directing is that it's a very lonely job. Directors don't really talk to each other or compare notes as much as other professionals in entertainment (i.e. writers, actors, etc). I tried to start a "directors group" like a writers group once, and it failed ultimately because I couldn't get enough directors interested in doing it. So this podcast fills a pretty specific need I had as a creative. It gives me a chance to engage with other directors about the craft, even if the conversation is a one-sided podcast.
I found this through Movie Maker magazine and am really enjoying listening to it, though I need to go back and catch up on old episodes. As a Bay Area-based, independent filmmaker and mother, I struggle to feel part of the industry. This helps me know the lingo and also it's just really fun to listen to. Thank you for making it!
I am on episode 29 right now, and I refuse to jump in on the last recorded episode which is 65 or something. Matt Enlow and Oren Kaplan are inspiring the next wave of filmmakers with their restful and encouraging actions and words.
I'm a late 40s dad making short films with my kids. My corp gig is developing training for a telco. Thanks to Matt and Oren and Just Shot It, I’ve been able to improve our short films and my corp material. They are generous with their ideas, but also in providing super practical stuff, like their own working shot lists. While I listen to a handful of movie making related podcasts, Just Shot It is always in my top 1-2. Thanks to their super practical conversations my kids and I have upped our production to consumption ratio in favor of more production.
I love filmmaking podcasts, but any on directing (let alone good ones) are so hard to find. Oren and Matt do a great job of getting at the meat of what real working directors do. Hearing the process, the frustrations, and the real nuts and bolts of the job has been incredibly valuable and inspiring. I recommend this podcast all the time to my filmmaker friends and always look forward to the next episode.
This has an unusual openness and community for a professional directing conversation. The sincere format has me rooting for these guys and gives me perspective you can only get from other directors. If you found this and you haven't already subscribed you should do so immediately.
This is the first review I've ever made the effort to leave on iTunes. This is one of my favorite podcasts and is an essential for the aspiring filmmaker. It is even slightly better than Making Movies is Hard which is also a fine podcast. Aw, burn. Just Subscribe To It!!!!
As a filmmaker who chose not to live in LA I often wonder if I've made the right decision not to move to LA right after college. This podcast is almost exclusively about being a working filmmaker in Los Angeles and hearing these stories from filmmakers who seem several steps ahead of me (they are working with celebrities, Oren has directed a feature film, and they both have agents / managers) is inspiring, but also a good reminder that it's just as hard for them as it is for me. It's proven to me that no matter where you are the struggle is similar. The trick is to figure out how to keep shooting. And the fun of this podcast is in hearing how they and their guests are doing it. The stories on Just Shoot It will resonate with anyone trying to sustain themselves as filmmakers at all levels.
Matt and Oren are wonderful to listen to. Their insights and interviews are just structured enough to be organized, yet spontaneous enough to be enjoyable and unpredictable. The level that these director's work at is perfect for the upcomming director and even a learning cinematographer like myself. The more established directors are more likely set in the way they work and who they work with. Oren and Matt are right inbetween - which translates into us learning how to deal with non-perfect situations, agencies, clients in the web video or mid-level commercial world. It's an addicting podcast and one I make time for everyday. Homer Liwag Copperfield Co-director/Design Director/Cinematographer
This is an excellent source of insider knowledge, and well presented too. Highly recommended.
If you're a filmmaker looking for advice or aspiring to work in the entertainment industry, this is the podcast for you. I found it a couple of days ago and I'm hooked. Great advice in every episode and lots of encouraging words, right from the title itself.
Stop what you're doing and start listening to this podcast right now! If you need more reasoning, here it goes: Just Shoot It is simply the single greatest resource for up and coming motion picture directors! Oren and Matt address problems and concerns with so much insight and care that you're left comforted, smarter, and most importantly inspired. Hardly any episode passes wihtout me feeling like I could conquer the world! Yes, you'll never get tired of that one hundreth Trantino interview or that five hundreth snotty comment by Fincher but that stuff doesn't apply to 95% of all working directors. This podcast answers real questions and gives you solutions to real everyday problems that we face as directors. The topics are so on point that I'm always left with a feeling of "Yes! That's exactly what I needed to know/hear"! Matt and Oren are a great team, that compliment each other, running this prodcast, which keeps it fresh and entertaining. They bring their own takes and views into each weeks episode which leads me to- -the only downside: only one episode a week! Let's take a coffee, please! Thanks for taking the time and creating this amazing resource!
LOVE this podcast, great variety of guests, real nitty-gritty of how to work in the industry
Really great podcast for filmmakers - love the show! Incredibly insightful and relatable. Keep it up!